On February 2, 2019 I had the pleasure of getting to enjoy the hilarious “Book of Mormon” at the Saturday matinee. The ushers at the theatre were very helpful when I asked them about the usage of strobe lights in the show, and even called the house manager to confirm what they knew about the placements of the lights in the show. The only time that strobe lights are used within the show is the Act 1 closer “Man Up.” I tried to notate the specific times that they were used within the number itself, but eventually it got so frequent that I would recommend just exiting the theatre and listening to it from the hallway outside or covering your eyes properly so that you do not come in contact with the lighting effects if you are seriously affected. Also important to note, is that the lights used are more of small, consistent camera flashes rather than the traditional strong pulsating light, similar to lighting used in rock concerts and such. Thank you again to the staff of the theatre for being very knowledgeable and helpful when answering all of my questions! Enjoy your trip to the theatre!