First official Broadway post! I had the opportunity, once again, to watch the fantastic “Come From Away” cast on January 31st at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City. Right away, I noticed that there was a notice posted in the program stating that there were camera flashes used in the production, but nothing about strobe lights. I did forget to ask the ushers to see how helpful they would be because I had already seen the show in November and knew there weren’t any strobes, but they were very helpful in all other aspects of our visit, so I am sure they would be able to help! The only times that I notated camera flashes in the show were during the song “Stop the World” (the duet between Nick and Diane) and then during the hiking scene with the Kevin’s and Nick and Diane. I dropped the ball on this one, and cannot for the life of me remember if this scene happens before or after “I Am Here,” but it definitely happens after the “Costume Party” scene because they are all wearing their new outfits while they are hiking. The camera flashes are very minimal and only happen a couple of times both in the hiking scene and in “Stop the World,” so if you find yourself sensitive to camera flashes, I would take extra precautions during these scenes. I hope this helps and enjoy your trip to the theatre!