On January 20, 2020 during a trip to Busch Gardens, my friends and I decided to watch the ice skating show “Turn It Up” after having heard such good things about the “On Ice” shows at Busch Gardens. Walking into the Moroccan Palace Theatre I noticed a small sign that informed audience members that this show did use strobe lights during the performance, as well as some other effects that could be harmful to audience members. Walking in, I asked one of the team members when the strobe lights were used during the performance and they promptly informed me that it was for the opening number of the show, and that if I told them how many people were in my party, we could all wait outside with them for the opening number and that we would be escorted to seats as soon as the strobing effect was no longer being used. While I was absolutely delighted to hear that this was an option for photo-sensitive patrons visiting Busch Gardens, I decided to take a seat myself to better inform you of when the strobe lights were used.

We opted for a couple of seats near the back for the 3:00 showtime and noticed that at 2:58 strobing lightning effects were already being used in the house, which is important to note if your family or friends have decided to take their seats and you decided to just step out yourself once the show starts. If you are extremely photosensitive, however, I have to strongly encourage you to not be in the theatre during the opening number because although the skating is great, the sheer amount of strobe lights continued could prove to be a real problem. There are other various lighting effects used throughout this high-energy, fun show, but none of which I think could be classified as a true strobe light. This show explores many popular songs, and similar if you were to go to a concert there are fun colored lights that pop up on the rink every once in a while, but the way in which they were moving did not appear to be a strobe. Finally, during the curtain call, there appeared to be minimal strobe usage.

Overall, I would have to say that this show is a great option for anyone at Busch Gardens, but who is by no means a thrill-seeker and still wants to have a memorable experience. I was very impressed with the staff’s knowledge of the show and would highly recommend asking if you have any further questions.