Meet Ashley

Hi there! My name is Ashley Campbell and I am a huge theatre nerd. In fact, I love theatre so much that I am studying it at the University of Tampa, in Tampa, Florida, but am originally from Tallahassee. Most people know me as the outgoing, happy, optimistic, theatrical, dramatic person I am, but not many people know that I have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. It has been a whirlwind, a complete change of lifestyle, but I’m trying to find the silver lining to the crazy curve ball that I’ve been thrown and that is why I started this blog!

After numerous run-ins with ushers and house managers who have not been able to give me information about when I need to be prepared to take precautions, I decided it was time to try and take things into my own hands. I’m hoping that people with epilepsy and other strobe sensitivities will be able to enjoy live theatre with a little less stress than before with the help of this blog. Although I have a JME diagnosis, my doctors decided that I have somehow been spared of the worrisome strobe sensitivity. This blog is basically a place for me to write down an epileptic’s review of the different live theatre and movie productions that I see. The idea is that I will write down the scene/song that the strobe lights are used in for a parent or friend to take note of and use as a reference to allow some warning or idea of when the strobe lights are coming.

I do not know if anyone will even use this, but I feel as though I am not doing my part as an actor and someone who has had to live the life of a theatre-loving epileptic if I do not provide what resources I can to others who simply want to enjoy theatre as much as I do! So I hope you utilize this resource that I am doing my best to keep up to date, and enjoy your trip to the theatre!